Wednesday, November 23, 2011

joji kojima again and again and AGAIN

kind of speechless...

here it comes-brand new

I cant imagine myself without music! So these are some of the most amazing album covers that i discover these days! 

Again & Again - The Bird and the Bee

Good Time - Brazilian Girls

Learning - Perfume Genius

Locked in the Basement -Perfume Genius

Remind Me (Someone Else’s radio remix) - Röyksopp

Lost Patience - Niva

The Weight of My Words (Four Tet remix) - Kings of Convenience

Get Better John - Mux Mool

Bright Tomorrow - Fuck Buttons

4 Minute Warning - Radiohead

July 23 - What Laura Says

Audio, Video, Disco - Justice

Pleasant Experience - Small Black

Ankle Injuries - Fujiya & Miyagi


this post is dedicated to a friend, that came to my life and gave me a big big hug and let me be in her life as family and not as friend.... Kalypso! 
enjoy the music and the tracks xx

everything changed!

hello to all of my followers ,friends and everybody !
It took me a long long time to decide if i want to keep that blog anymore... And then something really exciting happened to me!
I met Joanaddicted from  my favorite blog  ordinary pulse
and we had an interview~i never published the interview though!
So we had a big discussion  about blogging, fashion, people in fashion industry etc..
And then I moved... I am now living in an AMAZING city of belgium, Antwerp!
And all of the inspiration that the city gave to me and the new friends that I have here pushed me to share my thoughts, my music and the places that i discover everyday! And little bit of fashion that we all love (maybe more of a bit) 
so stay tuned and enjoy
xXx alex